From private households to large-scale construction projects, we remediate all glass burns of any origin and degree of efficiency, cement water, lime deposits, bujaks etc.
Kratzer im Glas und Glaskratzer entfernen

From private households to large construction projects, we refurbish all glass burns of any origin and level of impact. Cement water, lime deposits, cement laitances, etc.

It is mostly alkaline components which rainwater washes out of the cement and concrete used in construction. If these come into contact with the glass surface, the glass surfaces are attacked chemically and corrosion results.

Over the course of time, the quantity of washed-out material become smaller and smaller so that the concentration is no longer enough to attack the glass surface. The longer the glass surfaces come into contact with the alkaline components, the more intensively and deeply the glass surfaces are damaged. Removing such surface corrosion as quickly as possible is therefore advisable and sensible.

Renewed corrosion of the glass surfaces can be avoided if permanent glass surface sealing is carried out.

GlassResQ repairs all glass surfaces. Directly on site and without any loss of quality