Much more than just a lotus effect

The sealing creates a thin layer of nanopolymers. You are not able to see this layer, but dirt, dust and grease can no longer adhere to the surface and can be easily removed from the sealed surface with clean water without the addition of detergent. Our nano sealant is a further development of the previously known lotus effect.

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10 good reasons at a glance:

  • guaranteed a self-cleaning effect that repels water and dirt
  • causes less dirt to be re-deposited, requiring less and easier cleaning
  • protects permanently against aggressive environmental influences
  • preserves the glass against ageing, weathering and leaching
  • enhances the appearance and impression of the glass and the entire property
  • saves cleaning costs over the long term – in figures approx.:
  • 100% longer cleaning intervals
  • 50% lower cleaning costs
  • 50% lower climbing and scaffolding costs
  • 50% less detergents
Glas Polieren und Glassanierung für Dusch-wände
The coating of Glass Coat guarantees you to halve the costs for glass cleaning and to protect your glass surfaces permanently!