No more glass replacement for glass scratches and scratches caused by improper window cleaning.

No more glass replacement in the case of glass scratches and scratched window panes due to improper window cleaning.

GlassResQ GmbH removes even deep glass scratches on all glass surfaces (float glass / ESG / TVG / VSG and fire-resistant glazing).

Due to our mobile refurbishment process, there is no distortion on the glass surface. We guarantee the highest quality standard.

Give us a call – we will be pleased to provide you with advice on every case of damage!

Kratzer im Glas

Angel Hair Crater

are fine surface scratches that cannot be seen or felt under normal daylight conditions (<0.0001 mm). Such scratches often do not represent a defect.

Bild für Haarkratzer ICON

Hair scratch

are fine scratches that can usually only be seen against a dark background or on closer inspection and marking. Visible, but not yet perceptible (>0.0015 mm)


Weak scratches

are clearly visible in diffuse light and against a dark background, often with a bluish shimmer, “sparkling” against the light. With the fingernail well noticeable, from 0.003 mm scratch depth.

Glaskratzer entfernen

Severe scratches

are always recognizable, whitish appearance, often also “sparkling” in sunlight due to irregular, rough limitation. With fingernail (get caught) clearly noticeable scratches from 0.1 mm scratch depth.

Kratzer im Glas


are two-dimensional damages, which usually consist of a scratch coulter of weak to very strong scratches. Whitish appearance of this vigorous mark.

Scratching / Vandalism

are often annoying, by means of a sharp object carved symbols or writings, which consist mainly of outbreaks and lines. With the fingernail clearly noticeable artifacts which start from 0.1 mm scratch depth.