GlassResQ glass surfaces renovation – always the first choice!

Together with GlassResQ GmbH Germany, GlassResQ AG Switzerland has conducted research and development and developed completely new repair and polishing processes. Research was focused on the production and application of novel glass processing and polishing agents.
In addition to conventional glass surface damage, spark damage and other deep glass damage caused by abrasive cutting work can now be easily eliminated with our new developments.

With our newly developed materials and the know-how of our professionally trained technicians, we are able to eliminate all damage without residue (no waves or magnifying glasses guaranteed + 100% money-back guarantee). The machining always takes place within the permissible limits and manufacturer tolerances.

Almost always a glass replacement is extremely expensive and associated with considerable costs. In addition, there is always the risk of further collateral damage when installing and removing the glass. All this can be easily and simply avoided thanks to our GlassResQ® process, which is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to glass replacement.

GlassResQ technicians can be ordered within a day and deal with your glass damage. The glass panes are always covered and cleaned over the entire surface. All our technicians have been equipped with our new system and, thanks to the glass dust extraction system used at the same time during grinding work, leave every work place absolutely free of dust and pollutants.

We offer a solution for everything – our damage experts will always help you to find the right alternative to glass replacement.

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